A downloadable game for Windows

You can send feedback or bug reports to me here: https://adsjohansen.wixsite.com/portfolio/contact-me

(Current download is for 64-bit Windows only).

Install instructions

To play, unzip the .ZIP file and click on 'CreativeCrusade.exe'.

Instructions should be available in-game.

If you would like to share your levels with me, they can be accessed by showing hidden files, and going to ./CreativeCrusade/Saved/SaveGames - all .SAV files in this folder with the 'lvl_' prefix are level files. Note: Removing a file from this folder and initialising the game will cause the game's master level handler to 'forget' that level, making it difficult to re-add to your copy of the game. The functionality to delete or rename levels is not currently completed or supported.

You can send a link (google drive/dropbox) of your level to me here: https://adsjohansen.wixsite.com/portfolio/contact-me


Creative Crusade - Beta 1.01.1.zip 419 MB

Development log